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Here is a Story

Once there were 10 brothers. They all lived a fairly simple life with their mother, Ms.Smith. That is, until one day she came into the room, fed up with all their shenanigans.

"You boys need to get a job and leave the house!" she yelled.

"You all are damaging the Smith name!"

So the 10 brothers all set out to go look for a job, when they came across an old friend of theirs... Johnny Depp!

"What are you boys doing here?"

"Well, we got kicked out of the house and we were looking for a job." Johnny Depp quickly replied "I have the perfect job for you. You do not even need any qualifications!"

Left without a choice, the 10 brothers agreed to go along with Johnny Depp.

After a very long trip, the Smith brothers were set in a horrible factory located in Los Angeles. They did not even know what they were creating, just that Los Angeles would not be the same afterwards. One day, after exhausting work on the production line, Johnny Depp announced they had finally finished. All along, they were creating all the props for a wedding... between Johnny Depp and their mother Ms.Smith!

Coat-tailing on Johnny Depp's popularity, the 10 brothers were able to create a popular boy band called "The 10 Smith brothers" and lived out the rest of their lives filthy rich. And they seemed to live happily ever after.

The End.